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Lean Legs & Toned Arms


Wanna rock your short shorts and slinky shirts? Get going with this, then it’s just an arm length away.


In case you missed it: toned legs don’t just look awesome, but the strength that comes with it is the foundation of every movement we do. So building strength in crucial.

While genetics might be in control of some factors (like keeping our legs about eight inches shorter than Noemi Campbell’s ;-)), the workout can be either counterproductive or beneficial.

This challenge is for those who want a nice and lean shape. We’ve combined multiple joint exercises with stretch elements – to beautifully form those muscles. Whoop whoop.


Strong, toned arms:-The ultimate accessory for your summer wardrobe – or winter neglige? If you wanna develop a toned and gorgeous body and feel & look amazing with or without clothes on, arm workouts simply need to be part of your routine.


Leg and arm days alternate in this challenge – so you can give your best daily. Remember: If it’s easy, there’s no change. Step out of your comfort zone, challenge yourself and get the toned, sculpted legs and arms you’re after.

Pre Challenge | Basics to Succeed

Basic Know How
1-2 min
Motivation 2
12 Nutrition Tips
3-5 min

Challenge | 10 Days of Legs & Arms

Mission 1/10
Day 1 - Lean Legs
10-15 min
Mission 2/10
Day 2 - Toned Arms
10-15 min
Mission 3/10
Day 3 - Lean Legs
10-15 min
Mission 4/10
Day 4 - Toned Arms
10-15 min
Mission 5/10
Day 5 - Lean Legs
10-15 min
Half Time
Rest Day
1-2 min
Mission 6/10
Day 6 - Toned Arms
10-15 min
Mission 7/10
Day 7 - Lean Legs
10-15 min
Mission 8/10
Day 8 - Toned Arms
10-15 min
Mission 9/10
Day 9 - Lean Legs
10-15 min
Mission 10/10
Day 10 - Toned Arms
10-15 min

Post Challenge | Your Personal Progress

Reflection 1
Take Aways
5-10 min
Reflection 2
Next Steps
3-5 min
Reflection 3
3-5 min

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Time: 5-15 min / day
Duration: 10 Days
Missions: 16