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Success Stories

To see my body get stronger and to feel so much better – gave these 21 days more sense than I ever dreamed.

Thank you for 3 weeks full of pain, sweat and sore legs, full of motivation to reach goals, full of inspiration watching Chanel & Sonja’s videos.

To realise that the first 50 sumo squats are peanuts now, to see my body get stronger, to feel so much better and not even feel soar after my instruction classes in the riding rings (in the beginning I was not able to ride the next day!) gave these 21 Challenge Days more sense than I ever dreamed. Thank you, you rock!

This 21-day B&B Summer Body Challenge helped me day-by-day to renew confidence in my body and lift my spirit.

Throughout challenges of Chanel & Sonja I have already learned so much about my body and have completed workouts I never thought I could do before. They completely make the sessions fun and they vary the circuits enough to keep me interested. I have never had a workout go by so fast!

There are many personal trainers “out there”, but few personal trainers like Chanel & Sonja who have as vast an amount of specialized & diverse training, knowledge, experience, sensitivity & dedication to their clients.
I cannot recommend B&B Challenges enough. If you’re reading this and are currently back and forth on signing up for challenges – just do it! Your body and soul will thank you.

I did a three week challenge with Chanel and Sonja and it literally changed my life!

I did a three week challenge with Chanel and Sonja and it literally changed my life! I was very lazy with my body fitness before and that’s how I felt. Luck let me meet them when I was ready for a change – and all of a sudden, it was no longer just bad conscience that made me think about fitness, but to my very surprise I looked forward to a new challenge every day and even liked it! My level of energy increased very fast and I enjoyed that a lot (and still do!). As a working mum with always a lot going on, it was very handy for me to fit in the exercises whenever I found the time. While participating at the challenge, I was one week away for business reasons, and even during that week I managed to fulfil the tasks every day.

I can recommend the two of them to anybody searching for a flexible, friendly, professional and very effective way to work out, whatever your goals may be! It doesn’t go without sweat (and sometimes swearing) but its worth every drop of it!

Black&Blond’s Challenges have brought my training to a new level!

The challenges and daily missions offer a lot of variety. It motivates me to stay on it and I love to press the “I did it” button! I can work on myself according to my needs and combine the challenges freely and all this without any equipment. I love the video instructions, because this way I get to know new exercises and know how to do them correctly. Furthermore, the offer is holistic and you are also motivated to work on your nutrition and mindset.

For me these challenges are a real enrichment to my training routine. I look forward to more!

BIG thank you to Black&Blond!

It’s a great motivator […]to keep up the spirits and enjoy fast results!

Many of my clients don’t have time for more than one training per week. Yet as we all know, consistency & repetition is key. The easy explained & visually demonstrated exercises of Black & Blond Challenges have been a great motivator to my clients to keep up the spirit & enjoy fast results thanks to “fitness-on-demand” – cool moves wherever they need!

Thank you Black & Blond!

With only 10-15min a day, my body has already changed. I am really happy!

The 3 week Summer Body Group Challenge was so inspirational! With just 10-15min a day, my body already changed (even though I was not even able to do all exercises). I gave my best and I got stronger. This makes me want to do more. I am really happy! I will miss your daily inspirations!

Let me know when the next group challenge takes place, I am in!

It’s also a very good emotional outcome for me!

My problem was that i started binging on sugar when I was studying because I needed the energy.
[Through Black & Blond| i learned how to replace the bad sugars with good sugars, which allowed for my sweet craving to become healthier.

It has also a very good emotional outcome for me as I don’t feel as greedy anymore when treating myself to something a little sweeter. I definitely recommend Black & Blond if you need any life hacks.

I’m down 8 kilos!

My problem was that I don’t have time to work out, I’m always jetting around. These 21-day Challenges are perfect for me.

​I learned that with little time and focussed exercises I could really get a lot of benefits and super results. I’m down 8 kilos after two challenges [and additional guidance]. I’m so motivated to keep on going now!

I no longer have hunger cravings and can maintain my weight!

My problem was that I constantly was munching and feeling hungry. Since completing the Black & Blonde Sugar Detox Challenge, I am naturally aware of sugar content and avoid foods high on sugar, even healthy foods depending on time of the day […]. I no longer have cravings and can maintain my weight! I have lost 4kg in just 2 month.

I highly recommend this challenge to anyone who is struggling to reach or maintain their weight goal.

I reached my personal Summer Body goal!

I was excited about the flow [of the challenge]: no excuses, I just did the exercises.​

The nutrition and the mindset tips were so valuable […] they opened up new horizons for me. I feel wonderful and am so happy, I even achieved my personal Summer Body goal!

It’s amazing how your body changes!

The online challenges are perfect, as I don’t have time to run to a gym, I can do it whenever I have a moment.

It’s amazing to feel how your body changes, how much stronger your body gets. The burpees are my friends now! Even though it’s virtual – their motivation shines through. Just do it – you will not regret it.